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Title: Implementation of A Path Finding Algorithm For The Navigation of Visually Impaired People
Student:Mustafa Kılınçarslan
Supervisor:Nergiz Ercil Çağıltay
Second Supervisor:Çiğdem Turhan
Abstract:For visually impaired people it is always a problem to manage their life like a normal person. Even some very simple jobs, like going to job/school, shopping are sometimes causing big problems for them. There are several studies for visually impaired people to make their life easier which free them from boundaries. Unfortunately, these projects are very limited to integrate them to lead a normal life. In this study, a path finding algorithm for the navigation problem of visually impaired people is implemented. A shopping center is chosen as a case study for this research and the algorithm is tested on the developed laboratory environment. The tests are based on simulations performed by the data collected by means of the laboratory environment.