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Title: Gains of Progression of A Personnel Management System to E-Government Environment
Student:Ünal Aydoğdu
Supervisor:Nergiz Ercil Çağıltay
Second Supervisor:
Abstract:In many countries the main reason to turn towards the e-government applications is the increase on public expectations. Citizens want to do their governmental procedures day and night, 24 hours a day without leaving their homes and offices, without losing any time. These expectations force the managers of public organizations to deal with egovernment applications. Because of the e-government requirements, changes on information management methods of government organizations become mandatory. Like in every reform, there are managers, which resist to the changes and want to continue with the traditional methods. These managers cause delays while e-government applications are emerging. Educational program needs have occurred, for the users, who are at the management level, to use the new application effectively. With transparency, security issues have been arisen and new applications were developed in order to obtain security and new mechanisms were constructed. This study is prepared to guide people about the gains of progression of a personnel management system to e-government environment and to give the opportunity to have an initial estimation for the process. This thesis reviews the differences when a personnel management system moved to the e-government environment by means of, duration, service quality and error correction. SERVQUAL method is used to measure the service quality. Results of this study show that; e-government applications simplify the information sharing between citizens and the government, increase the trust of the citizens to government, preserve time, cost losses and increases the information currency and reliability.