Theses Details

Title: AR Project: A Generic System For Augmented Reality Applications
Student:Hakan Bozlu
Supervisor:Nergiz Ercil Çağıltay
Second Supervisor:Bülent Gürsel Emiroğlu
Abstract:The aim of this thesis is to implement a generic system for augmented reality applications; that enables the usage of augmented reality in various areas. Developed system expands the capabilities of ARToolKit, an open source non-commercial library that enables development of Augmented Reality applications. Our system not only implements 3D models as animation input but also supplies a graphical user interface that allows even non-technical users from any discipline to benefit from augmented reality. This interface accepts models and various parameters from the user by means of which the user can tailor the augmented environment according to his/her aim of usage. With these inputs, 3D objects are superimposed on real world to manipulate animation schemas based on real patterns and virtual objects.