Theses Details

Title: NAT Traversal and Mobility in VOIP Applications
Student:Nadir Ahmed Gaylani
Supervisor:Instructor Dr. Bengü AKSU ATAÇ
Second Supervisor:Murat Erten
Abstract:Internet was initially designed to transfer data, but later it became common to use it for multimedia applications like VoIP, and with the increase of users, available Internet global addresses became limited which led to the use of NAT (Network Address Translation). In addition to that users started to move around while connected to the Internet. This affects the P2P applications like VoIP. In this work we have studied the effect of NAT and mobility on VoIP, and we proposed a solution that can be used in the presence of NATs with the mobile nodes using SIP signaling. Our solution shows that location servers are not necessary when the mobile node moves to a new location.