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Title: Semantic Web Application: Ontology-Driven Recipe Querying
Student:Güler Kalem
Supervisor:Çiğdem Turhan
Second Supervisor:
Abstract:Currently all the information presented on the Internet just have static content giving meaning in some contexts, and these documents cannot be used effectively by different systems. However, presenting information with well-defined meaning will enable different computer systems to process and reason about the information at the semantic level whereas the present systems process the information only at the syntax level. Semantic Web approach will drastically change the effectiveness of the Internet and will enable the reuse of information and increase the representative power of information. It will be possible to combine information from different locations and process them together since they are defined in a standard way. In this thesis, concepts such as representing knowledge with a Semantic Web language, ontology processing, reasoning and querying on ontologies have been implemented to realize a Semantic Web application: Ontology-driven Recipe Querying. As the domain, a Web-based application dealing with food recipes has been chosen. All the information and application logic have been moved into an OWL (Web Ontology Language) ontology file which controls all the content and the structure of the application, and makes it possible to reason on the provided information to create new facts from already given logic statements. In the application, it is possible for the user to enter queries made up of arbitrary elements when querying for available food recipes. The application is capable of responding meaningfully no matter how the queries are constructed.