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Title: An Implementation of Helpdesk Management System for Botaş As A Component of E-Business
Student:Oğuz Dündar
Supervisor:Instructor Dr. Bengü AKSU ATAÇ
Second Supervisor:
Abstract:This study reviews the e-Business technologies in Turkey and the world and examines the e-Business models used on the applications in both public enterprises and private sector. It also inspects the steps for building an e-Business for organizations. The study also provides detailed information about the development of a software of Helpdesk Management System (HMS) as an application of B2B for BOTAŞ Petroleum Pipeline Corporation. HMS application has been developed by considering the procedures of total quality HMS of BOTAŞ. This application, which is for all of the end users of BOTAŞ, has become a Web-based application developed by the architecture of Visual Studio .NET on the platform of Microsoft Windows DNA.