Theses Details

Title: A Case Study on An Information Management Framework and Implementation Strategy
Student:Turgut Haspolat
Supervisor:Mohammed Rehan
Second Supervisor:
Abstract:Today, ample amount of information is produced within the bodies of enterprises. It’s necessary that this information be preserved in a most effective way, processed and put into meaningful practice in order to achieve effective business decisions. As a result, those enterprises which aim at making effective decisions, sharing their knowledge and facilitating the use of information, need institutional portal solutions. Enterprises and institutions, with the aid of information management, aim to realize their goals through collecting, editing and documenting the information they have in order to enable right people to access it at the right time and right place. This thesis covers what enterprise information management is, its development and importance. Moreover, considering all these issues, it includes conclusions related to enterprise information management, solution proposals with the help of an information management application developed as a prototype and its vitality for enterprise. In this regard, this thesis gives a summary of main services and development phases of portal software developed for activating access to web sites, meeting user needs and supporting information management. Points such as the basic structure of portal in the process of development, and personal page editing, access authorization regulation, integration to e-mail and similar systems, and project management are also elaborated.