Theses Details

Title: An Investigation About Process Matchmaking Performances of Unstructured and Decentralized Digital Environments
Student:Buğra Çakır
Supervisor:Hürevren Kılıç
Second Supervisor:Kasım Öztoprak
Abstract:Efficient matchmaking is an important problem in unstructured and decentralized digital environments. We want to investigate the performances of those environments which will good fitting the nature of matchmaking problem. For this purpose in this thesis, different environment models including P2P (Hypergrid, Gnutella with/without ultrapeer); smallworld (Watts-Strogatz); heavy-tailed and random versions of Autonomous System Waxman model showing power-law distribution property; random and 2D-Grid are considered. The flooding mechanism enabling process encounters for match purpose is uninformed Breadth-First-Search. In order to test the environments we made performance simulations with the matchmaking problem. Simulations show that the matchmaking performance of random environment outperforms the others for almost all different problems and time-tolive settings. On the other hand, the total cost of small world environment model is the highest for allmost all setups.