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Title: Flexible Database Design for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Applications
Student:Kadir Kansu Öztürk
Supervisor:Nergiz Ercil Çağıltay
Second Supervisor:
Abstract:Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software presents a frame for organizations to better utilize their process and business. Implementation of ERP software is the process of adaptation of the frame to the organization. Therefore, implementation process should be good managed in order to achieve the targeted results of ERP philosophy. To facilitate these implementation projects, ERP software should be flexible enough to meet extra data requirements of implementation domain. In this thesis, a two-phased case study is constructed to denote implementation problems arisen from inflexible design. Besides, this thesis proposes database design alternatives in order to have a flexible structure for ERP software. The implementation problems determined in the case study is also evaluated according to offered database design alternatives. It is observed that the generic database design steps should be extended to evaluate flexibility requirements.