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Title: UlakAgent: A Mobile Researcher Agent for Resource Sharing Among Learning Management Systems
Student:Nezaket Tezcan
Supervisor:Dr. Fatma Cemile Serçe
Second Supervisor:
Abstract: With the abundance and variety of knowledge, finding the results appropriate for the individual –in accordance with the learning profile- by spending less time and effort, has become one of today’s objectives. For the learning management systems (LMS) used in distance education to possess that kind of a function secures a position in this sector. This study proposes a mobile agent for online learning environments, UlakAgent. The agent is designed and developed as one of the agents in MODA, a multi-agent adaptive system developed for learning management systems. UlakAgent is responsible for searching content resources both in local and global repositories. The agent moves to other learning management systems integrated with MODA, works there, collects content resources, goes to other available platforms and then gets back to home learning management system with results. It communicates with the other agents of MODA to deliver adaptive content to the learner. The study gives the architecture of UlakAgent and includes a sample utilization of the agent. A MODA community was constructed with three learning management systems, and the mobile agent had its search travel in this community. Information on technologies used in MODA community and about the UlakAgent has been given in this study.