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Title: A Turkish Natural Language Interface for The Semantic Web: A Case Study on Turkish Universities
Student:Ekrem Çağlar Yılmaz
Supervisor:Çiğdem Turhan
Second Supervisor:
Abstract:When a user needs to reach desired information from the Internet, millions of documents with unstructured information that exist on the web cause problems. One of the current trends with the Internet is the Semantic Web technology which stores information in a machine-readable format since information is stored along with the knowledge about the information. The purpose of the Semantic Web technology is to make it easier to reach the information for the users that use the search engines. As the Semantic Web technology gains popularity, Natural Language Processing Interfaces became popular once again because they increase the expressive power of users for information retrieval since users are able to ask the questions in their native language. In this thesis, a prototype of a Turkish Natural Language Interface for the Semantic Web is developed and the problems encountered in the creation of such a system are expressed while suggesting possible solutions. The domain of the developed system is the Turkish Universities with related information for Turkish high school students and university candidates who are novice users with little knowledge about computer technologies. The system is tested on users and the results are evaluated.