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Title: Measuring and Evaluating Complexity XML Schema Documents
Student:Dilek Başcı
Supervisor:Sanjay Misra
Second Supervisor:
Abstract:The eXtensible Markup Language (XML) technologies have been promising to provide a common standard mechanism for interoperable integration of diverse IT processes and have been gaining extraordinary acceptance from the basic to the most complicated business and scientific processes. Further, many different domains, organizations and content providers have been publishing and exchanging information over the Internet by the usage of XML. Efficient implementation of XML in diverse domains requires well designed XML schemas. In this point of view, design of XML schemas plays an extremely important role in software development process and needs to be quantified for the ease of maintainability. The maintainability is one of the important factors that affect the quality of the software project and effective management of any type of software projects requiring modelling, measurement, and quantification. Further, software metrics should be used in order to improve the productivity and quality of software. This thesis presents new metrics for XML schema documents written in W3C XML Schema Language and Document Type Definition (DTD) language. Additionally, as a related technology we also present a suite of metrics for the assessment of XML Web Services in terms of their maintainability.