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Title: A Survey Based Study on The Role of E-Procurement in Integrating ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) Systems Using E-Supply Chain
Student:Göknur Arzu Akyüz
Supervisor:Mohammed Rehan
Second Supervisor:
Abstract:This thesis study is aimed at putting forward the role of e-procurement in relation to the topics of ERP and e-supply chain. In this study, a three-fold literature review of ERP, e-procurement and e-supply chain topics are provided. Then, survey based comparative studies on XML-based standardisation efforts and integration platforms from proven vendors are made in relation to technological infrastructure of these three topics. The generalizations obtained in these studies are intended to form a base for conceptual model development basing on generic web technologies. Focus of this study is on the relationship, interaction and presedence of e-Procurement, ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) and e-supply chain and on the “integration” issue, rather than individual treatment of these topics.